is more than just a brand name for gum; it is actually an herb that works as a natural form of aspirin. Wintergreen works as a fantastic gargle to relieve your sore throat symptoms. You can make this gargle by adding 20 leaves in a cup of boiling water. It has a nice cooling action on the throat when used. Make sure not to use this home remedy on children, as they should not have anything that resembles aspirin.


Eucalyptus tea also works wonders as a sore throat cure. The oil has a soothing and cooling action on the throat and the tannins found in the herb act as an astringent. You can buy the Eucalyptus tea pre-made or you can make it yourself by boiling a cup of water with a couple teaspoons of the crushed leaves.


Honeysuckle is well known in china for its power as a sore throat cure. Honeysuckle works extremely well at treating not only sore throats, but also tonsillitis, colds, bronchitis, the flu and pneumonia.

=Slippery Elm=

Slippery Elm is like having your own natural throat lozenge. It coats the throat and helps to keep the scratchiness away. Slippery Elm also has antiseptic properties and also works well for people who are sick due to allergies.

=Balloonflower =

Balloonflower works very well as a cure for both a sore throat and a cough. Balloonflower is a herbal alternative to cough medicine as it works just as well and it is also a natural expectorant. No need for over the counter medications when you are using this home remedy.


Garlic is another great choice for treating your sore throat. Garlic helps fight off viruses and bacteria from the body enabling it to treat both colds and strep throat.


Plantain is an herbal sore throat cure that works by soothing any inflammation in the nose and throat. Plantain helps to heal the mucous membranes so you wont feel so much drainage coming from the nose.